Equipment and services Equipment and services

Equipment and services

El equipamiento del pabellón se adapta a los diferentes usos y eventos

Telescopic stands

We have planned telescopic stands located in between the two areas, which will be able to point toward teh two of them.

These stands will be hidden in the basement (retractable platform system) in order to join both areas.

This platform will be used as stage in concerts and shows.

Curtains and nets

Complete darkening for the area.

Possibility of organising events in different parts of the area (multi- events). We ensure complete confidentiality in private events.

Sport nets
Protection mobile sport nets.


The building contains a central CLUSTER of high definition screens, as well as a wall screen in the pelota court. In thess screens we will be able to show every type of video and image format and using various sources (UMTV, sport controls, players, etc.).

Electric supplies

General supply
Transformers: 1.000 KVA (X2)

Supplies for events
Transformer: 800KVA

Aid supply
Generator groups: 560 KVA (X2)

Event frames
Frames of 1000 Amp. (X2)
X4 frames of 600 Amp. (X4)
Isolationtransformers (100KVA)
Independent box ground (sound)

Suspension structures

Navarre Arena contains a triangular structure shaped by squares of 6x6m, which also create various hanging points.

It offers the possibility of loading up to 80 tonnes. The building has various central beams to hang up to 20 tonnes lined up and in a minimum of three knots: 20/3 = 6.67 tonnes per knot.

The main part, where the big walkway is located, can take up to 50 tonnes.

In order to make the set up process of the shows easier, we have a motorised Pre-rigging of 18×24 metres that can be moved through the structure of the pavilion.


The pavilion has a sound system that allows live broadcast in the entire building, and also includes the possibility of adapting the sound in the various areas.

Other services

  • Catering
  • Bar managing
  • Rigging
  • Audiovisual material
  • Security
  • Customer reception
  • Health service
  • Ticketing and ticket offices
  • Legal aid in Navarre

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